Her mind at the peak of her innocence, as pure as it had ever been,
Living and loving all that crossed her path, she was a gentle soul of just fifteen.
She had the right to make her own mistakes, so she could be strong enough to decide,
When she was ready to stay up on her feet, without being swayed by the world’s dark side.

But as she embraced life in a world of her own, she was convinced the world couldn’t be bad,
So she choose to wander outside her little bubble, even farther then she ever had.
One night she trusted herself a little too much, as she ventured too far into the dark,
Unaware that even at an age so brittle, the world she didn’t know had her marked.

A shadow which blended so perfectly into the night, grabbed her before she could even realize,
A hand on her mouth muffled her shouts, and no one could hear the screams in her eyes.
Her struggles proved to be embarrassingly weak, as she flailed wildly out of shock,
Then suddenly she felt a fist crush her face, like someone smashed her head with a rock.

Fear, shock and the taste of blood, ruptured the very foundations of her trust from within,
She prayed and begged for a little mercy, as she felt her clothes ripped away from her skin.
Shoved to the ground with such reckless force, she couldn’t get up even when she tried,
And then her screams tore the night’s silence, as something threatened to rip her insides.

As she felt the shadow finally drift away, she screamed until her throat almost erupted,
Her blood boiling with rage and betrayal, as all her 15 years of faith lay disrupted.
Her mind, white like her skin drained of blood, bereft of thoughts and intentions that mattered,
As she suffered pain beyond her worst nightmares, and her soul lay ashamed and tattered.

All that she had learnt throughout her life, in one night now failed to make sense,
As she lay in the cold, naked and sore, not a single person rushed to her defense.
As the night went on she lay unable to move, until she felt people lifting her off the floor,
“It’s okay, you’re going to be fine now.” insensitive to what had just shook her to her core.

Months after that night scarred her memories, yet the demons roamed around in her head,
Dark circles reminiscent of the dark night she faced, traces of her lovely smile all but dead.
Never again would she trust anyone anymore, never a sound night’s sleep on her bed,
Empty spaces left her with terror in her heart, darkness an inexplicable feeling of dread.

 She sits repulsed at going into that world again, afraid of strangers and their revolting leers,
Caught in a place where loneliness is what she wants, but being left alone is what she fears.
She wonders if she’ll ever find herself again, if she’ll ever rediscover that lost feeling,
Tired of trying to move beyond the closed doors, trying to rise beyond an invisible ceiling.

She wonders if she’ll ever feel like herself again, if she’ll ever be able to leave everything behind,
She wonders if she’ll get her memories to stop raping every single thought in her mind.
Darkness in her days and darkness in her nights, she waits for something to make her whole,
For something to erase those million scars, permanently etched and engraved into her soul.


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