Being God.

The winter’s scream now raged with fury, as the sun lost its powerful glow, 
the city was wrapped in a blanket of white, fearfully quiet in the realm of snow.
The embers in the fireplace stayed barely alive, trying to fight their natural foe,
The vice grip of ice grew even stronger, as the fire’s intensity dropped ever so low.

I looked outside for signs of defiance, anything that stood up to the elements in play,
the wind and the cold forged a powerful unison, proving unbeatable on that brutal day.
But as my eyes scanned the falling snow, I saw a barely visible speck in the distance,
whoever it was surely had nerves of steel, to even contemplate initiating a resistance.

The practicality of staying inside was gone, the scales tipped in curiosity’s favour,
How could I this miss a chance to learn, from someone on a mighty endeavour?
I slipped on my coat over 2 layers of clothes, and set my foot outside the main door,
Eagerly I shuffled through the heavy snow, imagining what explanations lay in store.

I walked into the cold and deserted street, as the speck I saw earlier grew bigger,
I kept on walking as my footsteps slowed, until I was directly above the cloaked figure.
The frail hooded person lay tortured by ice, a thick woolen blanket lay on his lap,
Confused at why he hadn’t used the blanket, I bent down and gave him a tap.

“Please use that blanket to cover yourself sir, this snowstorm is far from done.”
A hand reached up and the hood came down, and I saw that it was a woman.
Shocked by the revelation I kept on looking, as she looked back and shook her head,
“What are you doing in this cold my child? You should be at home snuggled in bed.”

It was amazing how the frost harassed her, and yet her voice remained ever so calm,
But what perplexed me was the unused blanket, one that could save her much harm.”
Pointing my finger at her lap I spoke “that could do you a world of good you know?
All you have to do is wrap it around you once, and it’ll keep out the horrible snow.”

She turned her head slowly and looked at me, smiling with a face all cold and sore,
“I certainly could do with warmth my son, but there is someone who needs it more.
I raised my eyebrows in obvious confusion, I guess she caught the look on my face,
She smiled again and beckoned me close, pointing between the blanket’s empty space.

I moved a step forward and slowly bent down, between the blanket I took a peep,
And within the covers lay 4 new born puppies, embraced by the arms of blissful sleep.
“ I could use the blanket and not give a damn, but my conscience will hurt me like knives,
I’d rather sit down and die with the cold, then let the world take these beautiful lives.

I’ve seen fate deprive the ones who are weak, so I’ve chosen to take up my stance,
The world can refuse to lend me a hand, but I’ll do whatever to give them a chance.
After all we mortals are forced to accept, that we worship destiny as the ultimate Lord,
I believe we are the masters of our own fates, although sometimes we need help from God.

So I became God for these helpless beings, and even though I‘m aware that I can’t do much,
I promise one thing to you and God above, as long as I’m alive they’ll be untouched.”
I stood in the snow bereft of any words, how could one perfectly acknowledge a noble thought?
Why was it that all the selfish souls were loafing, while selfless ones like her were left to rot?

“You are amazing!” I somehow managed to utter, and again I was left searching for speech,
Knowing that it was no less than extraordinary, avoiding that blanket just within her reach.
I stood up again and turned back around, the city now resembled a scene from the north pole,
I prayed for the lady as I walked back home, hoping she’d survive with the warmth in her soul.


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