Vanity and Vendetta.

She walked as if the ground beneath her feet begged for her to grace it with her essence. She held her head up high, as if she commanded the wind to blow only the right tresses of her hair, to make the trees bow down in front of her unparalleled beauty. She smiled as her bare feet kissed the white sands on the beach, she loved how her features overshadowed all the amazing beauty around her. She reached the edge of the shore, and glanced at her own reflection in the clear, blue sea and she thought to herself -How could God make anyone so beautiful?

He felt the earth crumbling beneath his feet, shattering like the thoughts in his mind at the prospect of living like he was incomplete. He kept his head bowed down, because the wind felt like razorblades cutting through his burnt skin, like it wished to weather whatever remained of his face and whatever was left within. Everything around him seemed to belittle his very existence, as if it mocked his will to live. He stared at his own reflection on the glass bottle in his hand and thought to himself- How could God make anyone so ugly?

*              *              *              *

Her reflection smiled back at her from the sea, she knew now how it was to really fall in love. Her mind went back to the time when she thought she knew what love meant, when she had found someone who looked like God’s perfect gift for her, her own little piece of heaven on earth. He had been the most beautiful person she had ever seen, and her love for him had grown for him until the day fate stepped in to ruin a thing of beauty. What had once been the canvas for an artist’s masterpiece of the perfect dream, now looked like a frozen nightmare with a terrible scream.

His reflection looked like a half finished sculpture that an artist had forgotten to complete. The face which looked like the perfect dream had now unraveled at the seams, the scars of the accident had marked permanent trails across a once beautiful terrain. He remembered the time she loved him for what he had once been, but once destiny destroyed his face and left it burnt, he remembered she turned away and never returned. The rage inside his head was building.

*              *              *              *

She had no regrets for leaving when the world around him was grieving. After all, how could he live with a face that constantly reminded him of what he had lost? Why would someone like her, chiseled to the definition of perfection choose to spend her life with an ugly, distorted being? As she got up to leave, she smiled and touched the water, leaving a ripple that spread across her entire reflection.

The anger inside his head corroded his thoughts more than his damaged face. He realized that her vanity was nothing but a mask of her insanity. The glass bottle in his hand was now quivering, his fists clasping it with uncontrollable rage.  The liquid inside the bottle rippled ferociously, reminiscent of the waves of anger inside his head, as the white sands beneath his feet grew warmer by the minute.

*         *        *

She started walking, and she watched her feet delicately sift through the soft sands. She looked up, and then she froze in horror. The beauty in all her features drained away in an instant. She had never looked more devastated.

He stood two steps away from her as he noticed her vanity melt away in seconds. He unscrewed the glass bottle containing the acid, and he smiled. He had never looked more beautiful.


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