Blame it on the Rain.

Lulled me into your arms, and I walked right in,
Nursed my soul to breathe, pulled me up from within,
Made promises you couldn’t keep, and I went on believing,
Told me there wasn’t a chance of you ever leaving.

And then the sun started setting, and the shadows grew long,
But you were around me, I knew nothing could go wrong,
But as the night went on, playing symphonies of pain,
You weren’t there at all, so I blamed it on the rain.

I waited and waited, so thoroughly agitated,
Hoping you would come, until the night abated.
But that night taught me a lesson, know what I found?
That I could survive among shadows without you around.

You or anyone at all, so I decided never again,
But these memories keep on repeating like some poem’s refrain.
So inspite of pushing all these dreams into the drain,
This soul aches for you, but I blame it on the rain.

It wasn’t easy to trust at first, it’s even harder now,
Knowing my secrets lie somewhere I’m no longer allowed,
I don’t know where to go and I don’t know what to say,
I’m scared someone else will hear my secrets and walk away.

The worst is you made it clear, you’re with some other guy,
And I wonder if there’s any reason that’s good enough to justify
what you’ve done, but atleast the facts are there simple and plain,
It’s destroyed everything in me, but I  blame it on the rain.

I hope you get everything, everything in the future I had seen,
And I hope you learn to live, without what we both could’ve been.
And I hope that in my memories, you’re nothing but a stain,
If that doesn’t happen, well, I will blame it on the rain.


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