Her pain threatens to tear her insides apart, imprisoned eternally without parole,

She closes her eyes for once to save her the pain, to lull the demons running riot  in her soul.
She promises herself to not scream in rage, at the cancer drugs breaking her mind,
She tells herself she’ll survive another day, and all this will be a memory left behind.
Taunted by the world that spins before her eyes, every detail that drowns in a haze,
Her limbs paralyzed and then springing to life, in a frustratingly cyclic phase.
Sleepless nights robbing her mind of the peace, that could save her from moments of insanity,
Of not being able to tell day from night, of moments spent crying for a little  clarity.
And as she sits wrapped in a world of her own, she hears footsteps and the sound of the door,
And suddenly her mind felt a lot more at ease, the weight on her shoulders so much lighter than before.
Her 6 year old daughter came into the room, she walked up to her and clasped her hand,
And second after second of blaming the world, she finally found  something in it that could understand.
Her touch, her voice, everything about her, made the world as beautiful as it had ever been,
The pain in her now was slowly subsiding, and she knew it wasn’t because of the morphine.
She realized this was the only part of her day, when the pain inside her would cease,
So she smiled and then she closed her eyes, to savour her only moment of peace.

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